Cunting fucks and Perversion

Cunting fucks

I could rewrite form I could storm as we mourn – some are gone some are born summer bring me some more – 6 months I bared brunt of no fun n what for? – now th chill of th storms bring the Cunt of my core – I could have been a cheap whore pussy n applause – could have been in th stores n maxed more the snort – n taxed all your thoughts Kill Save Contort – add chills to ya spines n gone live n debauched – yet still I held fortified home n deprived – cos I don’t wanna die or stay high or stay short – I not bought Filled my eyes of all that I want – no front it’s all munched still these laws are my cause – I aint been on the moors I Been home The hard floor – missed holiday with good friends just to mend Closed the door – bent the “support” just to be hext again – respect I defended You wont see this defense – this aint so immense I stayed back too for them – n a baby that maybe not mine still I’ll get – dissed and dismissed n still I got angst – fuck you I not pranksta I stayed home n wanked – n no I not banked but I aint tanked up – but all I get is Fuck you not Thanks very much


In the frame of the sane Still I play it out cold – as I lift gifted frames they get old and down warn – wills stronger than forlorn Reborn yesterday – I abstain a little more to retrain unafraid – what way How say to be blissful Stay tame – merriment attaining just a little every day – hip hip hip hooray for fucks sake its ok – I find myself afloat in escape from harms way – shards splatter placing men from the grave – whisper in her ears as we steer to her sway – Plain Jane No! boobs and pussy for the play – perverse as the verse we may think but wont say