There Was No Sexual Revolution Part Three

Yesterday I was in Target pushing my cart down a long wide isle lined on both sides with massive posters of nubile, half-dressed teenage girls in some kind of sexually suggestive posture, and I realized how the world I live in is a world saturated with male values I cannot affect or escape. Everlasting war, whole earth environmental degradation, chronic rape, (now of men too), massive corporate tyranny and corruption, economic injustice, racism, sexism, hate crimes. The one percent versus the ninety-nine. This didn’t start in a vacuum. It came from somewhere.

Like a corporation, patriarchy can only think one way, how to profit itself, since that is how it began. It can only think of female sexuality (its personal property) in the way it has defined it. If it was liberated sex females wanted in the 1960s, ruling males would take advantage of this, break past conventions, exploit and sell female sex to the public on an ever large scale.

A media campaign of massive public female nudity began. Along with deeper photographic invasion into the female sexual parts and the explosive proliferation of an increasingly violent and debasing pornographic entertainment industry; this was the new co-opted Sexual Revolution. Females were stripped, spread eagled and sold to the male populace through massive media, liberalizing sex for men by giving (and selling) them constant visual instant sexual pleasure from females. This was proof of how liberal and broadminded humanity had grown about sex. And we can never forget that within the patriarchal structure women are first valued for their sexual desirability, and childbirth abilities secondly.

No revolution, here. Just a whole lot more of the same.

Liberalized, omnipresent, instant sexual gratification for men was the Patriarchy’s cure for humanity’s genuine evolutionary energies. The forces of true revolution were detoured, exploited and sold back to humanity in the form of instant sexual gratification, for men.

This liberalization of (female) sex massively reinforced male ownership of female sexuality, by making it more than ever omnipresent and socially acceptable for men to openly enjoy, as if it belongs to them. It gave even the poorest most oppressed man of the masses a constant Boy’s Club reward, a fraternal boys will be boys and men have their needs look at women and sex that reinforces the institution of patriarchy by redirecting the genuine energies of reform to sustain and support the existing system of male domination. If I say this too much, please forgive me. It’s a point worth repeating.

Human sexuality is an evolutionary force the female of the species has always guided and led until patriarchy changed everything. Anatomy proves this. The female clitoris is the only human organ designed only for pleasure. Women invented sex, not men. Men took it by force, even though they didn’t have to. Let’s face it. The female sex industry is the Patriarchy’s bread and butter. Even more so than its military wars. The male-female war is older, bigger, more profitable, and self-replenishing.

By repressing female sexuality, male sexuality is also repressed, even though it looks as if it’s been emancipated. The bottom line is, you can’t imprison one, without imprisoning the other.