Article Submitting Guidelines

Article Submitting Guidelines

Submit Your Articles Through after success full article submission our team provide role to write articles to our site like contributors, subscribers, editors, authors.

Share Your Articles  site  provide original and quality online content to visitors. To be a member, author, writer, contributor, and/or publisher at  you must learn and read about the quality standards of this site.

Our Mission: Visitor’s can feel free to Share  thoughts and ideas through our site. With 100% personal responsibility for their own happiness + life for MORE freedom, fun, intimacy , through your stories and articles.

Quality Guidelines for Authors, Writers, and Contributors

Must do

•           Read and follow the guidelines of the host blog(Share your Articles)

•           After your post is published, return to check for and respond to comments.

•           Make sure your post fits well with the audience of the host blog

•           Give every courtesy and consideration to the host blogger / editor

Don’t do

  • Submit content that you have already published any where
  • Plagiarize / duplicate content from other authors.
  • Write about a generic or over-used topic.
  • Neglect basic formatting, spelling, or grammar.
  • Add unnecessary links
  • Act unprofessionally if your post is rejected
  • Use low-quality /spun content


  • Posts must be original, unique in this blog, and NOT published anywhere else (include your blog).

Authors, Writers, and/or Contributors are expected to submit articles that are original and unique. Articles submitted in this site should not be previously published either online or in print.

Authors, Writers, and/or contributors must not submit articles that depict violence, crime, hate, racism, porn, malware or any illegal acts or prohibited content which includes article content and the links and resources included within the articles

  • Relate it to your readers – educate or entertain or empower (or all 3!) using your story or article. 
  • Keep links in the bio section, none in the email body, please.
  • The more of your personality you bring to your writing, the better.
  • Think conversational and relatable vs “authoritative”.
  • Use metaphors & similes! They are a great way to make your words smile and shine.
  • Around 500 – 1200 words approx. Short enough to tantalize, long enough to be respectable
  • Include a thought inducing or actionable step / ask a question at the end to engage your readers.
  • Format in short paragraphs (3-5 lines), headings, bullet points, indents, CAPS, bold etc.


  • Promote and share with your networks once it goes live and respond to any comments.
  • No affiliated links are allowed anywhere in the articles, site and etc.

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