You know how people say that life is too short? Well, I’m not quite sure how that can be, seeing as life is the longest thing you’re actually going to have. I think what people mean is, life is too quick. And it is.

As quick as a fox. Are foxes quick? Is foxes a word?

So yes, life is quick. One moment you’re a self-loathing 14 year old and the next you’re the grandparent of a self-loathing 14 year old.

(I am not a grandparent of a self loathing 14 year old, nor am I a self-loathing 14 year old, just so you know)

On this journey from teen to grandparent, you’re going to face some dark and sullen times. You know those gut-wrenching days when you just want to hide under a blanket and sob at the joke that is your life? Yes, those ones.

Or however you choose to define those unhappy days.

Well, just so you’re aware, this blog post intends to send out a positive message, and if it fails to do so, well, my sincerest apologies!

Right, to the point now. When you are facing these dark and sullen days, do not dwell amidst them. Big mistake, guys! I did that for a majority of my teen years, and trust me, the result was probably worse than your first maths test.

Dwelling amidst those dark and sullen days will only make you feel more dark and sullen which will make you feel more dark and sullen. And basically, you see where I’m going, right?

So, my dear readers, I want you to do me a favour. Next time you’re feeling all miserable, I want you to build a bridge. Now this bridge can be made of anything that you choose to turn that sullen and dark feeling into.

Be it your tears, advice from your loved ones, rants on your journal, what have you!

But remember, the bridge cannot be built from nothing. It needs the sullenness and darkness to hold it stable, (ironically, ha!)

Once you’ve built that bridge, I want you to cross it. Steady and slow, there’s no rush, so long as you cross the bridge.

And sometimes, building the bridge may seem like a task far too difficult. But there is so much more that you will gain from crossing that bridge.

Brighter days and lighter hearts!

Okay, once you’ve crossed the bridge, set fire to it. Umm, I am not trying to be diabolical or violent or anything along the lines of that. But, setting fire to the bridge means that there’s no way of you crossing it back, and there goes, no way of you dwelling amidst the darkness and sullenness.

See? Three simple steps – build a bridge, get over it, and then burn that bridge.

I’ve been practising this for a while now, and it’s helped me greatly. And I’m hoping it does so for you too.

I hope you’ve come to the end of this post.

Stay awesome and stay humble and smile lots.