In today’s society, being called a “slave” by anyone is offensive to say the least. We know all too well the history of slavery and how awful it was, the brutality and cruelty that played its part along with it. Human beings were literally treated like animals if not worse than. However, not much has changed since then; the “spirit of slavery” has returned to its original dwelling in which it came…the spiritual realm. Now it’s back even stronger than before. As a matter of fact it has become so subtle, so crafty that it even greets us with a warming smile, shakes hands with us and even cheers us on and openly allows us to place its bonds and chains around our necks… for the Word of God says; “John 8:34 Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave of sin …“Willingly” without our even knowing it until its effects begin to show no matter what it may be and believe me the enemy have MANY devices at its disposal with technology today to launch any attack. When we are enticed blindly outside of Gods amazing grace we tend to fall for the “old banana in the tail-pipe routine” I call it.  And before we know it, we’re on our knees pleading to the Lord to “remove this mess I’ve created for myself…again.” Yes, this spiritual war is very real and unfortunately it won’t end until we’re home with our Lord. Until then, make a firm decision to stand against opposition and by all means not for a second think that YOU alone can fight what you can’t see. That within itself is a strategy of the enemy to get you to believe that you can fight against them alone when clearly Christ states “Apart from me you can do nothing, but through me you can do all things.” Amen. Pray over your homes, your children, continually ask God for guidance and protection as you move from faith to faith, and each and one of you…my spiritual family are in my prayers. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless you and keep you.

The Truth is Christ and when He sets you free…you are free indeed.

REMEMBER!!! Go take a peek at the novel if you haven’t yet. “Battlefield of Angels” It’s a glimpse at spiritual warfare around us and rate this. Though fictional in content many of the events are real and a shadow of my life.