Hey There Ego, Glad We Are No More Together

Ego and I broke up recently. It was my decision this time because I was so done with our on and off relationship. Sometimes it was ego and sometimes it was I. My entire mood depended on how others would satisfy my ego. Nobody liked ego actually and now I think why I was so stupid to engage myself with ego for so long.

 All I think now is how could I please it for so long at the stake of everyone I loved and cared for? There was this time when I thought my ego was so important to me that I almost lost everything I had but with passing years I have now mastered the skill of detaching myself from bad things. I will not say a bit of an ego is bad because a little push you get there drives you to do something out of the box.
However, do you think an ego as huge as your bum is going to do any good? Nay it is just going to take you along with itself and leave you abandoned in a place where you will find no one but yourself. In addition, do you think that your ego will survive there? Your ego will leave you as soon as you stop or people around you stops pleasing it. No, do not get me wrong it is not leaving you just like that. It will destroy you and then wreck all your good relationships leaving you nowhere.
So in this case what do you think you should do? Should you keep growing it inside you until it just finishes you totally? I would suggest you just get rid of that biiig ego as soon as possible. Do you realize how many lives ego destroys, many relationships fail, how it changes the meaning of friendship and most importantly do you recognize yourself anymore? Ego is like a big wall that blocks you from connecting to your soul. If you cannot connect with your soul anymore, sorry to say you have lost yourself forever. The more you keep your ego your first priority the more you suffer. If we keep on feeding our egos one fine day, the same ego is going to eat us up.
Sooner we realize this the better it is. Good moments come to us when we are positive about everything, when we ask our egos to stay away when we are dealing with important people of our lives .We all think we deserve happiness and we do too. Happiness knocks on your door when you slam the door when ego says knock knock. I lost those moments of happiness I deserved while I was busy nurturing my ego. So I come with a message here that ego is leading you nowhere. One day you will feel as If your life is a burden and why would it not be? So much of extra baggage you carry that it is going to be a burden for you and everybody around you. This is the reason why  ego and I are so over. Are you?