Do not ever settle for less

One fine evening when my long distance boyfriend called me up he said it was very important and that we needed to talk right away. I wondered what was so important that he called me up early in the morning. Right into 5 minutes of the conversation, I realized it wasn’t a call to talk about sweet nothings. It was a breakup call. Frankly speaking, I was angry at first. But later on, I was purely devastated. I was devastated by the fact that, the man who never wanted me to leave my side was ready to let me go.
The hardest part wasn’t the breakup. I had no say about what would happen to the relationship . He decided we had to break up so he announced we were breaking up. He didn’t even discuss it with me once and that was the hardest part.

We had been in a relationship for 3 years and 1 year of long distance. Things were pretty rough at times and meeting each other was very unlikely because we lived in two different countries. Uncertainty was looming over our heads. I had a good job and he was still a student and our families were not ready for our relationship.
Uncertainty had more power and it gave him an opportunity to let my love go.

There were nights where I curled up at the one side of the bed and cried endlessly. I still cry sometimes because it hurts.
Whenever I got a chance to pour my heart out, I’d just do it anyway. I was scared friends would hate me if I talked about him more. But I just couldn’t help because I was in a denial phase.

Slowly, I am trying to get on with life. I am trying to move on even though I love him dearly. This break up taught me a lot about myself and a lot about life .
It taught me how people pity a person who is single.
I was taken aback when I found few friends of mine making fun of the fact that I was single and I had no one to call mine. They made me feel I deserved to be heartbroken. I didn’t have a boyfriend like they did so , I was suddenly low life and that I was missing out on love.
It hurt me deeply but I took a second to think. What difference did having a boyfriend make in their lives? Were they doing better in their careers? Were they even doing better in their relationships? Nothing was extraordinary in their lives too. Except for the fact that they had a special person to talk to how was I any different from them?  Apart from that, we were the same.

Since when was it okay to make a single person feel that they should  adjust with mediocre things or people in life just because they were heartbroken?
My mother wanted to me to lower down my expectations just because I had a failed relationship in my history . According to her, I might just have to settle with a love so average because I will never find love.
A failed relationship between two young people trying to figure life out is apparently called broken.
This made me angry. How could my own mother think that I didn’t deserve a better love? Do I really not deserve a better love than before?
Am I now labeled a broken piece by people?

Yes! I know I deserve the love which will make everything better.
No! Just because I had my heart broken doesn’t mean I am incapable and that I have to settle for anything less than I deserve

It is better to be broken sometimes. It is better to heal from the pain. It is better to find the “one again” than to stay in a toxic relationship which is eating you up because a broken heart can be fixed. But lost confidence and low self-esteem will destroy you.
As long as I know I deserve better, I will receive the best!

Don’t you fret if you are single because you don’t have to settle for less just because someone mocked you for being in pain!