How the Heyerdahl…

the red ant


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while.

Kon-Tiki has been on my to-read list ever since I was a teenager; somehow I never managed to get my claws on that book long enough.  The other day I picked it up in a second-hand store, and started reading…

Within the first paragraph, I was captured, taken hostage and enslaved.

I’d always been puzzled by the concept of how a handful of men could make it across the Pacific on nothing but a raft.  How that raft didn’t sink in the first storm.  How sharks didn’t pick them off their float like Jack Sparrow picks peanuts… let me not complete that.  (Urrrrgh!)  So I knew there was a good story in there, and I love sea stories.

What I hadn’t bargained on was the easy, enthralling style of the author (Thor Heyerdahl himself, as this is a true recounting…

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