The End

I watch your hand slip out from mine
And hate that your touch lingers on my finger tips
I want to grasp
And I try..
But a nano-second too late.

I think of how your eyes brighten up
When you talk of things you love
And how you shift your gaze
When you talk of deeper stuff.
I think of the quiet in them
Like the calm troubled sea.

I think of all the words you said
Of your voice towering over me.
I think of your suppressed smile
Lingering on the sides of your lips
I think of the tiny steps I was taking towards you
And whom I wish we could be.

I wonder about your thoughts
And to where they’ve strolled away tonight.
I think of the things you didn’t say
And of that distant place beyond eye sight.
I struggle to cage all these feelings welling inside me
Terrified I’ll tell you exactly how I feel.

Scared I’ll end up showing you the fragile pieces of me
I’ve never shown anyone before.
I turn to walk away from you
My heart sinking with each step I take
‘PLEASE DON’T GO’ lingering on my lips
Fuelling the regret of feeling too much
Too early
And yet a little late.