Room 101

Attention all readers!!!

I am asking you all to get involved with what I write. By that I mean, giving me your opinions on the subjects I am writing about; also offering me ideas for the subjects I choose to write about.

The reason being……………

 I need feedback for my Room 101 posts.

Let me explain the premise of Room 101 posts………………

I’m going to be writing about things I wish to banish from the world because I hate or dislike them.

These Room 101 posts will be inspired by subjects, and these subjects can cover anything, basically anything goes. So for example subjects could be; ‘Modern Life’, ‘Going Out’, ‘People Who Are Happy’, ‘Stereotypes’, ‘Banks’ (and so on and so forth).

Whatever subject is chosen by my readers, I will then write a post about it and state what it is I hate or dislike about this subject.

Then you, the reader, can decide if I have made a persuasive enough argument to actually banish what annoys me, to Room 101.

Does this make sense??? I hope so………………….!

So, these posts won’t work unless I gain your feedback and your involvement in choosing the subjects I will then write about.

To kick off these Room 101 posts I have chosen the first subject; ‘Employment’.

What I hate about Employment is the minimum wage.

I have always felt that for some employment areas, minimum wage has worked wonders. It has helped increase employee rights, working standards, prevented ‘slave labour’ and helped people to climb up the ladder of life. In general though, I feel it has actually suppressed the growth of wages.

My reasoning for stating this is that most employers, especially in the UK, feel happy enough (cheekily so), to pay minimum wage regardless of the job requirements. Whether cleaner or manger it is minimum wage all round! More so now than ever before!

Employers use the minimum wage as though employees should be thankful for the pittance they are being offered, often to work within very skilled jobs.

Just lately I was offered a position as a Researcher for £13,500 a year. Granted this is more than the minimum wage (in the UK it is £6.50 hourly rate), but in comparison to what I have been earning, it is disgusting and criminal. Basically I feel that for £13,500 a year I would be selling all of my skills, knowledge, qualifications, experience and expertise short; the employer would be making one Hell of a profit in securing me as an employee for £13,500 a year (I however wouldn’t be)!

Unfortunately, at the moment, my employment choices have become limited. I am basically stuck between the rock and hard place. Either I take what is being offered or face having no work, which isn’t an option.

Employers are aware of this conundrum facing employees. Therefore, they are happy to exploit the situation and the workforce by keeping wages low, never offering wage rises; not even the customary 1% a year!

I therefore believe that the minimum wage has destroyed good pay scales and the ability for people like me to move up the pay grades. The minimum wage has become a one size fits all wage, and it isn’t. If I worked in McDonalds then sure, minimum wage would be expected, but being an employee within a professional business environment, in a highly skilled job that requires many qualifications and years of experience, no I don’t think so!

Personally I am an advocate of the living wage, not the scrabbling about in the dirt, can’t afford to live wage that minimum wage encourages.

BUT, what do you think?

Now it is your turn to tell me if you think the minimum wage should be consigned to Room 101.

Also, any ideas for other topics would be gladly welcomed!!