Leaving Madrid

Now it is 2015, it’s a good time to share with my readers that my life is going to undergo some serious changes.

Let me also state that this has nothing to do with any New Year resolutions. No, I don’t need resolutions for things to change!

In a few weeks I will be relocating from Madrid, to then begin a new life, from scratch.

This seems like it could be a scary prospect, but for me, change is as certain as the sun rising in the east. Change is something that happens with or without your consent so you either deal with it or be consumed by it.

This post therefore seems like a good opportunity for me to reflect on my time here in Spain, because the last three years have flown by with a supersonic speed.

Since I moved to Madrid I have got to know not only the city, but have been fortunate enough to travel around Spain as a whole. I have experienced a way of life that others may never have the opportunity to, and for that I will always give thanks.

I have some treasured memories, some fabulous friends, learnt a new language, studied, worked and grown in knowledge, skills and experience. Of course there have been ups and downs, but I’ve had plenty of fun along the way!!

It’s safe to say that when the time comes it will be difficult to say goodbye to a place I have called home, from the very moment I moved into my apartment!! Yet, I know that the time has come to move on.

I suppose what I will miss is the freedom my life here in Madrid has granted me. I was given ‘carte blanche’ in many ways. It was all new, so I could do whatever. I enjoyed the challenge of carving myself a niche and figuring out a way of life that didn’t resemble what I had before.

The freedom I think I will miss the most though, is the ability I’ve had here to carefully pick and choose the people I’ve brought into my life. I have been quite transient with most of my friendships; I was self-employed, didn’t have any established ties in this country, plus the people here come and go a lot more due to the nature of their work or studies. This meant I didn’t have to put up with the B.S of the spiteful or disingenuous, just because I had to! Also the people I’ve met here have been practically from every country in the world, and have been from all walks of life. Luckily, the majority of these people have been the nicest people I’ve ever met, not merely motivated by greed, inane bragging and superficiality!

So all in all , yes, Madrid has given me a complete change of life, which is obvious! Yet, it’s not just my life that has changed as a consequence of being here, but me also. I’m not the same person I was before I came here.

So much has changed for me in these last three years, that I have left a good portion of who I had become whilst living in the UK firmly behind me. This for me is the best achievement, the best outcome, the best thing I will take onward with me in my future journey.

I will say I’ve grown as a person since living here; not that I’ve never grown as an individual before living here! It’s just that the growth I’ve experienced has been in a different way, a way that wouldn’t have been possible without the change of scene Madrid brought. I actually feel I’ve thrown off many shackles I accrued before I moved here; emotional, mental, physical and personal shackles. The things we get used to and take for granted, because we are always in the same environments.

I now feel somehow more liberated to face what may come. I have a new sense of me and what life can be; without sounding too cliché or over the top (making you sick) with positivity!!

So, with this I can face the unknown and think, ‘bring it on’, because now is the time to take on another challenge, and do the best I can with whatever is out there waiting for me.

And with that, I wish you all a Happy New Year and ask you to face your unknown with a smile and say, ‘bring it on’!