Keep Your Passion Alive


Almost everything seems a bit challenging in the beginning but things become easier as we give time to them and practice. When I first went into the swimming pool I was so sure that I will swim like a fish and fortunately I was doing well till I had a glimpse of the bottom and said ‘wow’ as I saw the beautiful blue and got myself into trouble. I tried to swim but my limbs failed and for a few minutes I kept struggling inside the pool but nobody noticed me while I was crying for help. I realized that I would drown and I decided that if I can’t swim and save myself I won’t even drown but I will sink! Sink into the depths of water and I could feel some peace in sinking down, peace which I had never experienced even at the peaks. My love for water and passion for swimming were two main factors which got me into it but as they say when you truly love something you can’t see its faults or follies. Water, deep and pure just like love, calm and serene just like meditation there was some relief in that suffocation. I imagined myself sinking while my limbs were still struggling.
Just then a little girl came, held my hand and took me out. I could still feel that peaceful suffocation and the water wrapping me in his arms but I was saved.
Nobody dies in love because love can only save and heal, even when it gives pain it is to make you aware of your weakness so that you can overcome them and get over your fears. Love for any body is always pure be it for a human body or water body.
Let no fear kill your passion because just the spark of passion is enough to help you conquer all the hurdles and obstacles.