Are this your people?

Journeys are beautiful, they are a refreshing escape from normality, most times. But she admitted, it was not always so. It was sometimes really a workout and a horror, the very Mare that stole adventures from people, without any need for night time to come. Some become so burned with fright they no longer wanted to travel ever again.

First ofs, public transport is supposed to be a field of the adventures. One couldn’t claim to have had an uneventful trip, even if onboard for just a short distance and time. A five minutes ride could become an hour’s trip full of a whole day’s worth of adventure. Imagine the levels of excitement an entire 2 hours trip could give!

Taking a bus was cheaper and safer hence most people took it to and from work. However, it meant taking a pill and chilling for a long time before the bus is full with sojourners. One never knows whom the next seat is going to be occupied by. Maybe that’s where the fun was, or the dread. So to pass time, she usually brought a book along for reading, but thank the heavens for technology, she thought, the notebook she had with her meant more options to her besides reading :watching a movie for a change. or chatting away with the strangers on board.

Being the first passenger limits my options to the options deemed as antisocial by many of my people. I watch a movie instead and cosey up in the canopy of the jacket I hooded over my upper torso. She could have been in the movie theater! All that she was short of was maybe some popcorn and M&Ms. Indeed her trick worked perfectly. Well, at least it would have, given the normal circumstances!

Right at the pinnacle of the story, Dineo felt an elbow poke and scooted even closer to the window thinking that maybe the person next to her felt she selfishly occupied a large space. Still the poke did not subside but she ignored it thinking that  maybe the individual was not even aware of the nonsense his elbow was posing and was probably just getting comfortable in the seat. However the newbie was not to be ignored! Instead of just talking to Dineo to summon her attention, she grabbed the jacket and uncovered her.

If that is not appalling, I don’t know what is, she thought. She straightened her back ready to give her unanimous neighbour the stare down if the century. Instead she was met with a smile painted face, completely unaware of the annoyance it had evoked. “Oh, hi I am Litolo!” What kind of name was that, could her eyes be that big or out standing to have warranted such a name or could it have been a name sake?

As Dineo was deep in thought she was interrupted by a question, “what’s your name? She answered “Dineo.”then she covered up again thinking that maybe that would pass the message across that she did not want to be disturbed, was she in for a surprise of the  century or what! “I am so stressed you know” , hey I need a listener as  I feel overwhelmed with stuff in my life. Dineo, I am talking to you”. When Litolo saw that Dineo was set on ignoring her, she just took out her snuff container and prepared to sniff her tobacco knowing full well that many people are offended by its heavy aroma.

Now that got her the attention she wanted from Dineo and before anything came from her mouth she quickly defended her self by saying “I tried warning you girl, but you weren’t ready to listen!” That just continued to baffle Dineo. She vowed the Gods were crazy! Was asking for a simple uneventful trip too much to hope for? “I was sent by the God’s- my ancestors, balimo, to go on this journey you know. They want me to go to the capital Maseru, to heal a patient there. I know I am probably irritating you but I need to get stuff off my chest some way.

It was evident the journey was still long and concentrating on the movie was not an option. So, on hold it would have to be, just until this imposter was done, or so thought Dineo. Litolo went from narrating how she got her calling to be a, sangoma, traditional healer and people she had helped down to her obligations towards appeasing the ancestors. The rituals that all required financial backbone which she didn’t have to stand on. A cow for crying out loud cost around six thousand Maluti from the cheapest lowest range available! It just did not make financial sense to one who obviously had no reverence to ancestral worship.

So why do you keep obeying their difficult poverty infesting demands for crying out loud? Asked Dineo. Because, they are my ancestors and that would be disobedience answered Litolo with unbelievable appall at the suggestion. ‘”So because you obviously don’t understand what It means being me I suggest you just listen and don’t try to tell me what to do Dineo”. This talk was just continually nibbling on Dineo’s tolerance to bull and she was just about the brim and on the verge of over flowing, she started praying silently for a passenger to get off at the next stop as there was at least hope in changing seats.

Never in a person’s life time was it possible for one to meet this much irritation in another’s’ character! The worlds records had clearly been topped today.