Cusp of Two Worlds

“You are entering a new phase, all the best!!”  

“You are a grown up now, be responsible.”

“From today onwards, you are accountable to the world. ” 

The above mentioned staments are some of the few which I got to hear when I completed my studies and started working. Yes, I was happy. But at the same time, I was scared and apprehensive. I mean, it was indeed a new step, a new life. 

We all go through this phase. Some of us have been through it , some might be in the line to join us on the other side. The side where you are no longer a young carefree person who doesn’t care about investments and tax returns.


At work, I am torn between the desire to talk about the latest movies in line this month and listening to household traumas of the other  married ladies who work with me. I want to wear my favourite dress but I am wearing formal clothing to comply with the norms of the work culture. I need to be smart and clever whereas I miss being innocent and the kid who was pampered by others. Yes I know I have grown up  but a part of me is still there on the other side, fidgeting and edgy to break free. I do not know how long will this go on. How long will I be at the cusp of these two worlds? 

I think its an answer which only time will answer. Till then I need to enjoy both the worlds and manage them both.