When the Abuser is a Woman

Domestic violence is wrong…regardless of who does it.

Stacy Alexander

I am a “woman’s woman.”  No, I am not a lesbian….but I am an advocate for women.  I have done volunteer work at a rape crisis center, have volunteered in a battered women’s shelter, have assisted women in crisis.  I am sympathetic to the plights of women, as minorities, and empathize with the inequities that exist between the sexes.  My women friends are not just my women friends.  They are my sisters.  I feel a strong connection to other women and relate strongly to their thoughts, feelings and situations.  This is what makes it so difficult when I learn that a woman has been abusive toward a man.  I feel that she sets other women back by decades.  Are we not above this?


I have a male friend who is experiencing domestic violence at this time.  It is not the first time that it has happened, and I am conflicted…

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