Instant Blogger

What I’ve learned is there is no such thing as an instant blogger. You might start instantly blogging at some point in time, but that doesn’t make you an instant blogger. Even being a skilled writer doesn’t make you one. Blogging is an ongoing conversation within a community. Becoming a blogger takes time.

What attracts me to blogging is knowing that I am conversing with a global community. I haven’t been a worldly person. Decades ago when I landed on this spot by the creek in Northern California I never cared to go any farther than this place. My roots have grown here to rival those of the cedars, oaks and ponderosa pines. Through blogging, I can bring people from South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Britain, India, and from all across the United States right into my home, where we share our art and our creative ideas. Blogging is relationship.

Blogging becomes community when fellow bloggers talk to each other through “Likes” and “Comments”. Usually I’m not the glass is half empty type of a person, but when it comes to blogging I see getting only two “Likes” the same as getting one big “Dislike”. Maybe those two people that liked my article actually “Loved” it (I hope so), but anything under three “Likes” feels like rejection.

But then I am no stranger to rejection. My haven by the creek is situated in a politically ultra-conservative area of California. For years I’ve been sending liberal, pro-women letters to the local editor of our major newspaper, and the comments I’ve received in response to them have metaphorically sent me to the public verbal whipping-post so many times I could get there blindfolded. Consequently, I experience a lot of anxiety about feedback. Sometimes after publishing (depending upon the article) I can’t check out my Comments for a couple of days, which is why my replies are often so tardy. Take it from me, standing up and publicly just saying no to patriarchy, a worldwide socio-economic-religious-governmental system that has been in place for thousands of years is no way to win a popularity contest.

I’m not saying Poor me! I’m saying This is me.

Speaking of being me, I have another blog I want to invite you to. It’s I’m not a guest here, this is my own place. If a blog can be a skin, is my own skin. There are no frills (yet), just articles, but I’d love you to drop by when you’re in the ‘hood, cause that’s where you’ll mostly find me these days.