Psychopath- Symptoms and their Emotional Breakdowns

Psychopath is a terminology used for a person who is having a chronic mental disorder.
The patient who is insensitive, aggressive, abusive in nature, having sexual tendencies, lack of appetite etc., is called PSYCHOPATHIC.  Now let us see the symptoms of Psychopath.

Symptoms of Psychopath
1.      Superficial Charming:  These people will have extremely charming personality, especially with the opposite sex.  They use smooth words to attract public and we will misunderstand them as well – mannered person.

2.      Narcissist: They love themselves and very arrogant persons, who thinks  that they are very superior human beings than others.

3.      Proneness to Boredom:  They easily get bored with their daily routine  work  which they considered as dull or boring . Psychopaths usually gets tired or fail to complete their task  or duties which  is given to them or handle by them.

4.       Having  casual   sexual relationship with different  partners:  Psychopathic  patients love to have casual sexual relationships with partners.  They  do have  an indiscriminate selection of  sexual  partners. And also  at the same time they maintain  several relationships with  their   partners.

5.      Lack of Empathy:  These kind of people  doesn’t have feelings towards others. They are very crooked in nature. They really love or enjoy their life by having fun with sufferings of others and their pain. Psychopathic  patients they are very selfish  and having very cold hearted mind. They  too are  very insensitive and rude.

6.      An  abnormally habitual liar:  Which means  a psychopathic   without any intention who tells lies frequently.

7.      The habitual committing acts :  Which means  the psychopathic  patients  have tendency or involve in  criminal acts at their younger age which is commonly known as  JUVENILE  DELINQUENCY.

Moreover   Psychopathic  are more intelligent and they are ready to accept all the complicated situations. In short   they love to  handle risky situations. Now  I  am going to brief about personality in Psychopath.

As per researchers  Psychopathic patients or individuals may have  single personality or could have more personality traits. Moreover they are very rigid and violent  in nature.

Psychopaths they lacks empathy. They  easily gets irritated  and very  aggressive, frequently involved in fights and assaults. And those individuals who committed mistakes or crime , will not have any guilt feelings in them. In short they are  indifferent from other individuals  by both  character and personality wise.

Now let us move  to Emotional breakdown or  sufferings faced by Psychopaths during their life time.

Psychopaths like others  also  faced lot of difficulties  and sufferings during their life time. Have you ever thought that  they are really born  as Psychopath??. The answer to this question is NO. They are not born as Psychopath, their situations are shaped them to become one. Psychopaths are those individual who comes from broken family, lack of care,  lack of attention,  poor relationship  with spouse  which leads to divorce and lack of love from both parents and from their spouse.  These  results or after effect which had happened in their past  life which makes them different individual. They gradually or develops into  their  different personality from others. They make their own world, Which will leads them  or involve in “PSYCHIC ACTS”.

In this world you can see lot of Psychopaths. One of the famous Psychopath is CHARLES SOBHRAJ.  He  is one  of the  Notorious Criminal, Who is considered to be  a  Psychopath. It seems he have murdered above 20  persons.
Charles Sobhraj  an infamous Serial killer, had an illegal relationship  with young women and had killed many of them.  He had a very cunning personality and as other Psychopath he too doesn’t have guilt feelings for others. But his motive of killing people were different compared to Serial killers. He killed his victim only for his personal gains. Anyways when I talked about Charles Sobhraj , I thought about the treatment  or any other  medications for these kind of Psychopaths or Serial killers. So that innocent people like us will not be the victims of those  “Brain Eaters”. WHO KNOWS WHO IS THE NEXT VICTIM.

As I asked early is there any treatment for Psychopath. The answer to my question is   NO.  The treatment for  this disease is incurable.  Many of  the researchers and scientist  tried   different medication for curing these Psychic disorders, But unfortunately they have failed to  discover  medication to cure this Pathetic disease, And  I would  say that  there should be  advanced research or  standards technologies  for treating  Psychopathic disorder.



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