Diary entry 16-12-2013 – lazy write

Well I had ordered myself some Christmas presents through the post which were two books on sampling and a Koosh ball. I was a little disappointed to have opened the books and found they were both based around how to use samplers instead of how to do interesting things with samples, the latter is more which I desire as I understand most of this side of the theory.

Before that I had seen Charlotte, the previous evening I went out with my friend Rob. I had felt run down the previous evening before drinking. I have a lump on my neck and felt slightly feverish and noticed I was hallucinating a little. I had had this before with large lymph nodes that I had to have lanced under a general anesthetic, this was from poor hygiene, damp living conditions and illicit drug use. When I was at Charlotte’s place drinking a cup of tea and watching some of my girlfriends in music video porn I called up the 111 nhs line, after answering a million and one questions she gave me instruction to see a doctor within 12 hours and said loads of precautionary stuff yet did not explain it that way which made it sound a lot worse. When I phoned the doctor I was no where near insistent enough over the phone with the surgery. So I ended up at the NHS walk in centre. He said it was a lymph node I used the word abscess as I thought they were the same. Although it is still there, he said its nothing to worry about at all, I have never had a non serious one before so I guess my concern was exaggerated from previous experience. I did make the observation that I do not explain things very well to doctors normally, they should probably be asking me a lot more direct lines of questioning as they do on the nhs line because of this.

My Koosh ball has proved a worthy investment, using it is a little addictive…. I have reading aloud from books, Japanese buddhist chanting, Koosh ball, writing, boggle, going to the library as habits that prevent me from smoking for a while, I need a few more now I think, I will be reflecting on this quite a bit or thinking logically but in very slow motion. I certainly should still be avoiding going to pubs as alcohol increases my smoking when I am doing well. Although pubs are an intrinsic part of our society and I can not think of much else to do at times.