Ecstasy: Humanity’s First Religion Part Three

How did humanity turn from a race of Goddess-loving peaceniks into one of God-loving warriors? It’s been difficult for me to picture this in its entirety because patriarchy didn’t happen all at once. Here is a simplistic overview of how I see the Patriarchy coming into power.

Around 3,000 BC there was a southward migration of tall, aggressive, light skinned Indo-Europeans from harsh northern climates into the temperate Mid-Eastern lands of dark-skinned nonaggressive people. If you are interested in a detailed historical account of this human migration read When God Was a Woman by Merlin Stone. Her book is based on the work of anthropologist and Egyptologist Margaret Murray. Dr. Murray was known for her research into the witch hunts of the medieval Christian Inquisition. Murray claimed they were not caused by hysteria but were a deliberate effort to obliterate traces of the remaining prehistoric Goddess religion that continued to thrive among the peasant classes. Ironically, Murray’s work would later be harshly criticized for her alleged acts of selectively inciting data and deliberate distortion of evidence, which of course, the Patriarchy itself has done throughout recorded time, and is still doing.

This early race of men had learned to depend on its own brute strength to survive. Male strength was viewed as supreme and all important, even deified, and females were seen as lesser than men. The female was valued primarily for her sexual desirability and reproductive capabilities, (some things never change!) as well as for use as a domestic slave. From this male oriented thinking came a Father God of the Sky. Though it took thousands of years to make humanity completely forget, that was the beginning of the end for the Mother Goddess of the Earth.

The change from a woman-centered world to one ruled and dominated by men happened through long term chronic mayhem and massacre. It’s all about muscle mass. History shows the human male has successfully used physical strength for personal and collective empowerment. Women were humanity’s first POWs and the first human slaves. I had to dig deep to find that historical fact, and naturally it was a woman who did the original digging. Gerda Lerner wrote The Creation of Patriarchy, putting it all down for us in black and white.

Man-power grew on the planet along with man’s ability to invent, develop and use weapons of mass destruction. Bronze Age men used the chariot for warfare, the first WMD that provided an immeasurable advantage during violent invasions of peace-loving people who never practiced war. Patriarchy has grown to its status of world domination in a relatively short time because of its continual use of increasingly destructive WMD.