I don’t remember the first time when I actually had an encounter with the emotional side of me but I am guessing I must have been a wreck. Till date I feel I am an emotional wreck. I am as much as emotional as anybody reading this post, but I feel I actually don’t know how to channelize all my emotions. And I know many of you reading this will feel exactly the same. You must be the one who feels the need to detach as soon as you encounter an emotional roller coaster.

Whenever we are sad or whenever we are hurt, we feel the pain, the agony which is beyond our control. We want to stop feeling that, but then the pain we feel is like the tears we can’t stop from flowing. We frantically want to and we know we should but who has control over things like this?

Some may disagree saying, we have total control over our emotions but well this one’s for all those emotional fools and wrecks. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know exactly what to do with these emotions I felt. When I felt hurt I just let myself feel hurt, though the pain was too much to take sometimes. Then with age and with few broken relationships I realized I could actually stop myself from feeling the pain. I finally learnt the act of DETACHMENT.


If anything would go wrong I would just detach myself from everything because I was selfish, I loved myself too much. No, I am not self-centric or self obsessed. I was too hurt to let my heart for rent again. I had loved others too much so for a change I started loving myself more. Do you think it’s bad to love one? I know there are many of you who love yourself too much and who detach in a situation where it means giving yourself entirely.

I don’t know if detaching is healthy for any relationship but one thing I know for sure is that it pulls me out of a heartbreaking situation. I might be doing it wrong and it might be bad for me in the long run but I don’t want to feel that way ever again. I am overly attached to things, people, place, and memories. It scares me that when things have to come to an end, I might not be able to take it. So, detaching once in a while makes me realize that nothing lasts forever.

Out of billions of people there might be one or two people who must be thinking like me. So, this one’s for them:
“Being detached is not running away,

Neither is it being a coward

It just means you are heading towards the beginning of another good start”

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