Dear Cancer….

I want to let you now that it is over between us.  You came into my life uninvited and took up residence without so much as a whisper.  You have used me in a manner that is simply unacceptable and now you must go.

You threaten everything that I hold dear to me, everything that I have fought for.  If you thought I would lay down and die, think again.  From this relationship I will grow and expand to new heights in my evolution.

Soon you will be gone and I will know freedom in its definitive form and find the best level of health that I have ever known. My energy will soar as well.  Today I officially join the army of my brother’s and sister’s to bring an end to your tyranny.

This life is mine and I have much I want to discover about all of its mysteries.  My heart centre is strong and full of love.  Your insipid darkness will soon be washed out by the light I open myself to.

I know the cost here.  You want your trophy, your pound of flesh and you shall have it. I’ll pay the price of forfeiting my reproductive organs to you.  You will then be banished from this body.  Know too, that it is more than just these organs that make me woman.  Without them I will still enjoy my sexuality, enjoy touch, enjoy love.  I will still run and play where the oceans meets the land.  I will still marvel at the beauty of each day as it unfolds before me.

I will hold dear those that I love.   I am blessed and so fortunate on how many have offered their love a friendship to me.  Never will I take it for granted.

Know your days are numbered and I am on to you.  Time to make your exit.  You are not welcome here and never will be.