Advantages of private tours

Why is it better to discover new cities with a personal guide?

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Veronika Baidalova. a private guide from Moscow

The majority of tourists when they come to a new country or city prefer to join group tours suggested by that the hotel. And sometimes they don’t even know there’s another way to organize their trip or think it would be too costly for them. My topic today is dedicated to the main advantages of a personal guide service. Our special guest Veronika Baidalova, the founder of service in Moscow, will try to make some points clear about this type of traveling.

  1. It’s Time Saving

Not many of us realise that our main limitation  in a trip is not money but time. Just think. How do most of people live? We work hard for months to be able to go on vacation. And it’s natural that we want to spend a great holiday. What is a great holiday for any of us? It’s our experience and good memories about it. And how to make sure good memories will be obtained? So, here it comes to the budget we are ready to allocate for these a few days of happiness. Then we should plan our trip choosing a flight and a accommodation. When you reach your final destination and drop the bags in your hotel, from this moment you want to do everything: relax and have a rest, go sightseeing, try local food in beautiful location but at a reasonable price, ride a bike, take a boat trip, buy souvenirs etc. So, all tourists experience a quest of time planning and choosing some routes that would satisfy their needs from travelling.

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Hotel Radisson Royal Moscow (Ex-Ukraine)

And here we should stop and think well. What is a group excursion? 40% of the time is wasted for logistics: pick up and drop off all the tourists from the hotels. Sometimes  it takes up to two hours, especially in the conditions of traffic in a big city. A long tour bus only follow the same main routes and slowly go from one place to another while with a personal guide you’re absolutely mobile. You may change your route stops, you may enter little shops that only locals know during your walk. A large group of tourists can’t make a stop in all parking areas. A lot of time is wasted for getting all the tourists back in the bus after each stop time is over. With a personal guide you may have a stop anywhere, and you just can’t be late or lost. Don’t forget that tet-a-tet exclusive stories provided to you by personal guides! They’re just impossible to be heard while you’re in a group tour. If you come to Moscow for a weekend, it’s impossible to see all main attractions of the city with a large group of tourists. There’s usually only one route for one day. There can be 3-4 routes for a little group with a personal guide. So, by ordering a private guide you save your time which is priceless.

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The heart of Moscow

  1. It’s money saving

The first common misconception about private tours is a high price. Especially when talking about expensive cities like Moscow. However, sometimes a private tour can be even cheaper then a group one. Of course, there are special tours that can be called VIP-tours or premium-class tours and they naturally have a high price but usually a personal guide is more flexible regarding prices. You may always come up with a tour program suitable for any budget.

Let me share a story with you about it. A couple of tourists wanted to visit in one day our famous factories to see masterpieces of Gzhel porcelain and Russian decorative Zhostovo painting. They are situated quite far from each other and they weren’t included into a group tour suggested by their hotel. But they were offered a 200$ private tour. They contacted us and the decision was made quickly: this couple joined another semi-private group of ours so all of them managed to see everything in a little group just for 60$.

And finally a private guide service is also a good consulting service. Before making an order you may discuss all wishes and ask questions about a hotel or visa or anything else. Many private tours packages include tickets to museums so that you won’t wait in a line to buy them. And I repeat you can’t be lost or late when you’re with a private guide.

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The Bolshoi Theatre

  1. It’s worries free

Tastes differ. When it come to a group tour there’s always a chance to be disappointed with something. Some people would like to see more churches and holy places, others are interested in historical heritage, and  still others are into modern things. You may notice that in all group excursions there are disappointed tourists who didn’t have enough time to do what they wanted. It’s impossible with a private guide. A private guide can organize an individual trip of your dream, based on your interests and style of life. He or she just will ask you a few question to understand you better and will offer the best customized program.

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The Moscow City business area


  1. It’s more interesting

During excursions with a personal guide you won’t listen to a learnt by rote text about some road routine but you will see shining eyes and passion about the subject. Private guides are true fans of what they’re doing and are always informed about the latest news and events about the cities they live in. They will reveal you facts and tips that you won’t find in any source. Who will you choose now? Another tour program on replay or a unique experience?



Photos source: Veronika Baidalova