“From Earth to Humans”


Humans, what have you done to me?
You are destroying me, can’t you see?
I am dying day by day
Your cruel actions are taken me away
Piece by piece, breath by breath
Painfully driven to my certain death
Emissions of Green house gases
Little by little, I’m turning to ashes
Oil spill in oceans, throwing wastes in seas
You are bringing the aquatic life to its knees
Dark fumes everywhere especially in the city
Humans, can’t you show a little pity
Polluted environment, Ozone layer depletion
What a terribly aching situation
Climate change and global warming
I am screaming: wake up call, it’s a huge warning
Abused nature, executed trees, lack of green
More concrete blocks, such a gloomy scene
Humans, do I need to say more to have your attention?
Please stop your relentless aggression
Humans, take a good look at your doings
Do you want me to perish and turn into ruins?
Humans, Take actions, fight for us both, do not stand still
Nothing is impossible when you have a strong will.