3 different kinds of free on Smashwords

the red ant

Experimenting with an approach recommended by Smashwords.


  1.  The owner of Smashwords recommends that the pilot of a series should be free.  Well, seeing that the Solar Wind series is 5 books strong (4 on Smashwords, plus a glossary, but on Amazon there are all 5 now), I implemented this approach for Solar Wind 1, for a limited number of copies (this is experimental).  The rationale is that people want to see what a series is about before deciding to invest money into buying the sequels.
  2. “Reader sets price”.  I’m test-driving this approach with Solar Wind 2 “The Assassin”.
  3. Promo until tomorrow:  Books enrolled can have 25%, 50%, 75% or even 100% discounts.  “Freedom Fighter” and “Raider” are both enrolled in this, at max discounts.  Tomorrow night at midnight, this closes.

The glossary is only a glossary, it is a companion book that could have been included inside the others, therefore…

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