Love thyself

The greatest lesson ever taught in the history of mankind is to love.  “Love thy neighbors. Love thy enemies.”  The moment a child is just conceived we develop a sense of attachment and love for it. Mothers keep their babies safe in their warm embrace throughout her life. The moment a baby is born, it is protected with all the love and care in this world. From that day on, all that is taught is to give and receive love. Most of the biggest sacrifices and deeds done are only for the sake of love. Imagine the world without love. I am sure without love there even wouldn’t be any trace of hatred. How dull this world would be without love? Are you being able to feel the power of love? We all have seen what dramatic change love can bring. As a human, by default we are supposed to love every other human being. At least, that’s what I would like to assume though to love another human we have to first scan their religion, caste, background, and everything else.

We love everybody; there was a time when we even loved our enemies. But while everybody taught me to love everybody, why didn’t anyone teach me to love myself? I was never told that I was the only person I should trust the most, I was the most important person in my life, I would stand by myself every time I would be pushed , and that I would be that person who would complete me. Why was I always told that loving others more, I would get eternal peace? Why was I always told that the void in my soul would be filled by others? Why was I always made to believe that, someone else is going to come and heal my aching soul? Why did no one teach me that if I loved myself more, I would have been able to love others better?

The moment we understand the society and its ways, we try to fit in. We want to be accepted and that too in the best possible way.  And what do we do? We become people-pleaser. We try to please everyone by giving them what we can give in abundance; love. We have so much love to give others but do we ever look at ourselves in the mirror, look into our eyes and tell ourselves I love you? Are we ever lenient on ourselves? Have we forgiven ourselves for all those past mistakes we made? Have we ever not punished ourselves for all those failed relationships and friendships? Don’t we still blame ourselves for ugly things that happened in ours and others life?

But I am sure you must have forgotten and forgiven everyone else except you. You are always going to be you and only you. There is never going to be a substitute of you. I cannot even sit and explain to you that how important you are to you and everybody else. After 22 years, I have finally come to realize that, nobody defines me better than I define myself. Nobody can love me better than myself. Nobody can encourage me and make me do things than myself. I can only be a nice person to you if I am amazing to myself. Let us teach everyone to love themselves first because the void that we keep trying to fill with others presence can only be filled with ours.