Energy Of The Divine


I feel trapped in a world that doesn’t understand

In a society that only worships supply and demand

And turning their backs on knowledge to expand.

My true desire is to live by the light within

Ignited by the soul that dwells beneath my skin.

It’s a struggle everyday between the ego and the soul

And if caught unaware, the ego quickly takes its toll.

Learning to forgive the mistakes I make everyday

For it is in those mistakes that help to guide my way.

I’m learning to love without any condition

This, I believe, is my souls only true mission

And I feel it inside through my own intuition.

I want to speak for the things that can’t

From the animals, to the people, and even the plant.

I want to help the land, ocean, and the sea

But mostly to help those who seek to be free.

Understanding now it’s all part of the universal design

I can find peace as the fear starts to decline

Watching as everything slowly starts to align

And this, my friends, is the energy of the divine.