A Cycle Not Yet Complete

cycle of the ages

Living in an age where everyone is the same

With no higher goal than money to claim.

We have race, religion, and gender to divide

But the biggest of all is our own selfish pride.

We put condition upon our love

That no one could ever live up to

But continue to ask why it always falls through.

We have grabbed onto fear and held on tight

Not accepting at all

That our world could reunite.

We throw out judgments we have no right to make

And it’s only because our hearts are not yet awake.

We live everyday with one pain or another

But what can we expect

When it’s ourselves we fail to discover.

We always point fingers

And want to place blame

But truth is, it’s our inner selves we need to reclaim.

In not accepting the darkness within

No true growth can ever begin.

To get to the core of who we are

You must lose who you thought you were

And when you do amazing things start to occur.

But as of now, we murder, we lie, we steal, we cheat

And it is all part of a cycle not yet complete.