I Will Make It Through


I accept these demons that dwell within

Because how could I learn if not for sin?

I am accepting of myself, even the flaws

For, I know these to serve a greater cause.

I can sit comfortable in the uncomfortable

Learning the most when I feel vulnerable.

I pay close attention to the thoughts I think

Acknowledging the emotions that soon will sync,

Carefully observing as I start to critique.

I find peace even in being angry

Using it as a flashlight to guide me, quite frankly.

I take all my sadness and turn it around

To help pick myself up when I hit the ground.

I use my anxieties to reveal my fears

And face them head on until the anxiety clears.

Looking deeper into the things I hate

I find it’s only love I want to create.

So, knowing know what I must do

I know without a doubt, I will make it through.