Through the Wrath

Guest Poem By : Melinda Shaffer


Through the Wrath,Life ,Path

Even through the darkness
I can still see the light
Facing it all with the will to fight.
Time and time again
Life has knocked me down

But I won’t allow that to keep me bound.
Regardless of what society might say
Conformity in its entirety, I refuse to obey,
I stand strong enough to create my own way.
I don’t allow others to define who I am
And I ask no one permission if “I can”,
For it is my souls guidance I take by the hand.
I don’t seek from others any kind of approval
Because I know in my heart,
It’s my own self-acceptance that is crucial.
It was with myself that was hardest to be truthful,
But what I’ve learned has been most useful.
No matter the situations along this path,

I can only learn the lessons through the wrath