A place that is special…

“A child becomes weak that time when he leaves the mother’s lap and goes far from her”

I can remember my childhood that often reminds me of my relationship with mother.My father as a governmental employ,couldn’t give the family too much time but he managed to take time.Every child spends his childhood near her/his mother.During the presence of mother,no child remember her mother but as soon the child grows up and goes to other countries/cities for higher studies so he misses her mother very much.
The same case is with me,when i left my mom and came to my own city for examinations.Before i didn’t realize the absence of my mother,because dad was with me but my mother was in Quetta with my brother.Because my brother was younger and mother had to take care of him.
I came with my dad in panjgur and now still i am here for my viva voice .Since four days i am missing my mother and brother v badly,though i went to my grand mother’s home,met my aunts and enjoyed too much there but i missed my mom very much.
I remember the days spent with my mother.Whenever i was sick and i had headache she made me sleep on her laps and loved me.I miss those all precious moments that i have spent with my mother.
I miss you mom!