Teen Suicide

Girls are under threat mostly in Pakistan and all over the world. This piece is about today’s boys who threat the girls and mostly upload their pictures in Face book.

We all know that girls are very sensitive; they take everything seriously, whether it is up to their education, career, family or respect. Females are always tortured and it is a common concept in Pakistan that females are considered too week. When the point comes to a girl’s education so family members think thousand times before admitting her in a private school because the news of rapping girls is the first headline of today’s news channels. Like wise if it comes to a girl’s career so it is thought thousand times before accepting her career and if it comes to her own respect so no one thinks even for a minute that why she did like this and why she was tortured.

Here is a short story that how girls are black mailed and boys are left free.

This is a disgusting fact that today also girls are dumped alive usually when they enter a private school. When a girl enters in a private school so she concentrates on her studies but slowly and gradually when she reaches to the higher classes so boys start staring at her and then ask her for her number. She rejects to give her number and ignore him but after ignoring the boy along some other boys stop her way, send different letters through kids and threat her that if you didn’t give your number we will do this and that…Likewise the girl is black mailed and she is compelled to do what they say, so she gives the number and then you all know better that what the results will be.
The boy asks for her picture as the boy has already trapped her in lied-love, but still girl refuses to give her pictures and then boy threat her again that if you didn’t give your pictures, I will tell all boys of your society or school that she chats with me and etc. Again the girl is pressurized and compelled to do what he says. So the pictures are given, after giving the pictures now the girl realizes that she has traveled on the wrong path. The girl gets busy with her exam preparations, studies, and family gatherings so the boy sends her a message:” Why you are not replying? If you didn’t reply so I will upload your pictures in Facebook”. Then the girl claims herself for such destiny and condemns herself for doing like this. Then she thinks about her family, her respect, the result after uploading the pictures so she reaches at the last decision that is”Suicide”,and the spot of infamy is called the Girl herself.

Now here questions raise that” Why always a girl is pressurized?
Why the boy is not arrested and jailed for doing such a bad act?
Why only the girl is blamed for the infamy?

If a girl is blackmailed so that boy should be imprisoned instead of blaming the girl for all this incident. Today thousands of teenagers are black mailed and the result is “Suicide” due to which all face the infamy.

As being Muslims, the boys do such shameless acts and girls are told to be in control and limit, why no one understands that Love is natural, we don’t have any power to stop it. Females become victim of such cases and this is not a new thing, we can easily match these times with those of dumping the girls alive. That time they were dumped because they were thought
a spot of infamy and today they are also dumped for the same reason.

Girls are sensitive and such boys walk freely in our societies who spoil the characters of innocent girls and we watch and tolerate everything silently. In 2002, the World Health Organization estimated that over 15,000 suicides were committed in Pakistan, but it is estimated  about 5,000 to 7,000 suicides” annually. In addition, it is said, there are approximately 50,000 to 150,000 cases of attempted suicides. The majority of suicides and attempted suicides are in people under the age of 30 years.

Teenage is the most beautiful phase of life so why teenagers feel so stress in this phase, it is one of the phases where teenagers enjoy their life but in 21st era they are grieved that much that they can’t differentiate between good and bad. They are black mailed, pressurized and then the road leads them to “Suicide. Mostly Girls are considered mentally week that becomes quiet easy for boys to compel her.

I request to my all sisters that: please be strong and if boys black mail us so we shouldn’t be week but we should face them with courage.