“Waiting room”

waiting room is so full of sick people in crisis
people have terrible sad expressions on their faces
they all waiting to hear the right diagnosis
their bodies are there , but their minds travel to other places

waiting room contains many confused eyes
some people sit there and cry
they look so lost , holding their medical files
others keep asking why ? why me ? why ?

waiting room is so white and pale
all the dark voices come to your head
during the waiting , each one is telling their sad tale
the voices say : OMG ! AM I SOON TO BE DEAD ?

while you’re in there , all you can think of is your life
how much moments you lived , what decisions you’ve made ?
all the bad memories start to stab you like a knife
life is too short , and it’s amazing how fast it could all fade

darkness and sickness are taking over the place , so be brave
waiting room is so dark , and it looks like hell’s gate
no matter what ! keep fighting , don’t let it take you to the grave
but if you have faith than be sure it’s never too late .