The Rejection

As the interview day was approaching near, I was totally nervous and felt out of my comfort zone completely. It was justified because it was my first “job” interview ever. Last 15 years of my life hasn’t been that productive. So, I was expecting to make something out of this. The fear of speaking in front of 100 people wasn’t a delight at all. The best escape plan I had for myself was to quit. Actually, let me tell you one thing about quitting, quitting is very easy and so comfortable, it comes to you the most when you are weak. But this time quitting wasn’t in the cards for me. I had to face my fears and overcome it. So, yes I decided to go for it. Let me be honest with you, I knew I wasn’t getting the job even before I went for it but I surely knew that I was going to conquer one of my fears. Isn’t that a winning act itself?

One round of group discussion cleared and for me I already was the best candidate there. I wanted to give second round a chance though I knew I really had no chance. As expected, I didn’t get through. But, my friend, it was quite an experience. Maybe I was the only candidate who was feeling excited about being rejected but nobody exactly knew why I was happy.

Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t capable. Rejection means at least you are trying. You are trying and making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. Making mistakes and learning from them is the best way to learn because it is like a mirror. After making mistakes you can easily spot your weaknesses and how you are doing things differently. So, isn’t that the best thing? It is a second chance for you. For 5 seconds I thought that I should lock myself in the bathroom and cry over the fact that I was a loser. It felt bad for those 5 seconds but trust me those 5 seconds of my life will be a reminder to me that I am not a loser. I have been trying and failing but not, failing because of not trying. There’s a huge difference there, you see.

There is a saying “Try try , until you die”. Sounds quite childish when we come to think of it but these are the golden words. Make it your mantra because one day, you will hit the right spot. It won’t happen if you give up half way. You dream big but if you don’t try hard, everything fails. Rejection shouldn’t stop you because it doesn’t mean you are not better but it means you are of more worth than this. Realize the dreams, find the path, and head towards the destination.