” street child”

children 1

children 3

i don’t know you , you don’t know me
a dirty street child , that’s what you call me
you take a look at my torn clothes and you say
what a little monster blocking my way
i was once like you , clean and dressed well
bad circumstances came and turn my life to hell
all you see is the fake hypocrite appearances
but beneath the skin , there are no big differences
i keep thinking , how am i gonna survive the day ?
what to eat ,where to stay , what’s gonna happen today ?
some food and shelter is all what i’m asking for
but it seems that all humanity call it on me , war
we aren’t bad dirty children as you say
we are street survivors , and we fight in order to stay
even if there is cruelty all around us
there is still good in people , those who help us
that’s the story of us , ” street children” , keep it in mind
don’t judge us when you see us , and be kind .