“how to deal with a bad break up”

break up

everyone of us , at some point in their lives , find themselves in a bad situation which is called ” a bad break up ” , yeah unfortunately ,every one of us dated bad persons and stayed with them for a long time untill they broke our hearts . well here’s some tips to deal with those bad crappy break ups .
1-right after the break up , you will be devistated , sad , mad and miserable , and you have to get up and deal with it sooner or later .
2-get rid of everything that your ex gave you , especially on romantic occasions such as valentine’s day .
3 – ok i know that u are fragile , so you’re allowed to keep one thing and only one thing from your ex gifts , but hide it away , and don’t bring it out , untill you make sure that you are over your ex .
4-never ever visit the places where you practiced activities with your ex ( at least for one year ).
5-delete all the songs that remind you of your ex , trust me , songs are the same as memories .
6-never ever start another realtionship just to forget your ex , it’s not fair for you , and i’m sure as hell , it’s not fair for that new partner either .
7-after a bad break up , you gotta deal with one person and one person only ,and that person is you , yes , ” YOU” .
8-start a new healthy realtionship with yourself , figure out what you want from this life , forget the heart breaks , and go after your goals instead .
9-spend more time with your family and friends , make new positive fresh memories and enjoy life .
10-what’s gone is gone , appreciate yourself , you are special , it’s your ex loss , you deserve the best , so don’t you ever for less .