New Year, New You?

It will soon be that time of the year when people suddenly decide to spring clean their lives, and make a change for the better.

Yes, it’s time once again for New Year resolutions.

Personally, I’m no fan of resolutions; those that happen to coincide with a new year in any case.

I always ask those who love to make and then break New Year resolutions; what is it about New Year that encourages you to reach the unhappy conclusion that what has gone wasn’t good enough?

Why can’t we just be happy being who we are, for one year at least??

So, I prefer to think of 2014 as life in progress. It wasn’t a check list of interjects; ‘I should, I must, I ought to’. I didn’t want to spend 2014 bullying and chiding myself for merely doing what we all should be, and that is living a life; whatever that life is.

For me, any choice I’ve made during 2014 hasn’t been a failure or regret. I have done what I’ve done because it was the right move at the time, and that was the path I chose. Not one thing can change those decisions; not even retrospection on New Year’s Eve!

I can’t help but think that New Year resolutions are an odd tradition. I question anything whereby it is encouraged to see ourselves and our lives as failures, just because we didn’t achieve X or Y?

I then ask; whose expectations for ourselves are we really trying to fulfil?

It’s not that I don’t agree with making a change, I do. It’s just that if we have felt so dissatisfied throughout the previous year, why didn’t we plan to make changes sooner? Why wait until the New Year?

Perhaps the very fact that we tell everyone about our proposed resolutions, whether they be; to get a new job, lose those 10lbs or even climb Mount Everest, will be enough in itself to spur us on to achieve those said goals. Or maybe we just make resolutions for affectation; we don’t really mean what we say we will do, but are pressured to say we will change in any case!

Regardless of the whys and wherefores, I am always left questioning the validity or the sincerity of resolutions. I always feel people set themselves the impossible, and decide they must do what they say they will or, once again, a new year comes around, and they feel automatically as though they have failed.

I suppose I just feel we need to be a little more proud of who we all are and what we have achieved (whatever that might be). I think we could in fact feel happier (throughout the year), if we quit giving ourselves such a hard time by deciding we aren’t quite up to the mark, every New Year!

Of course, changes are good, as I’ve already mentioned; but, please for this year, only really commit to and then make those changes, if they are truly what you want to do.

As for me, my New Year Resolution is, don’t make any, simple as that!