” Tips to write better “

Writing is a way of expressing yourself, your thoughts and emotions . The writing process can be very hard as a beginner , but with practicing over and over again , you can reach a level which is near to perfection , but nobody’s perfect , we can’t be perfect because we’re only human beings . Here are some tips to make your writings better :
1-Start slowly and don’t try to push yourself to the limits from the begining .
2-Trust yourself , and be confident in your writings .
3-Always , and i mean always write from your heart . when you put your heart and soul in everything that you do , people will feel it .
4-Try to step out of your comfort zone , and write about new unfamiliar topics .
5-Don’t force yourself to write , wait and try to feel the inspiration around you .
6-As a blogger , i’ve stop writing so many times , i call it ” writing struggle times” , it happen to every writer once in a while , so just relax and be patient , u’ll be back to write in no time .
7-When you wrote a poem , an article , or anything else , and you don’t like it , don’t delete it , save it till you ready to improve it . Remember you may not like it , but i bet your readers will .
8-Be proud of whatever you wrote , at least you didn’t leave the paper empty .
9-When you feel down , or mad , grab a pen and paper and write your feelings and ideas , you can let it out in so many shapes , either a poem , and article , or even a novel , and trust me it will be good .
10-To be a good writer , you need to practice a lot , and to read a lot , don’t expect to be a great writer from day one . It’s a long process , but if you keep it going , you will feel proud of what you ‘ve become in the end .