” life : my second poem”

“life : my second poem ”
life is weird
some people born rich and love it
others born poor and hate it
and few others , just go with it

life is sad
death takes the people we love the most
illness of the persons we care about feels the worst
problems and hectic schedules can make us burst

life is bad
people do crimes and murders in it
and never smell freedom because of it
others are homeless and get kicked a lot during it

life is happy
there is God to guide us through the storms
God help us in all kind of ways and forms
the ride will take so many wrong turns

life is good
family , friends and love add smiles to it
hope and faith , tell you to keep going forward , do it
it’s a one life time experience so enjoy it

life is life
some hate it , some love it , some twist it like a tie
some live it , some wait for it to pass by
live it or not , in the end , we all gonna die