World Tourism Day Event In Mumbai, India

On September 29th we celebrate World Tourism day event in Mumbai,India at  Meluha The Fern An Ecotel Hotel. We got an invitation from Elsie Gabriel Founder of Young Environmentalists programe trust—equipping environmental leaders of tomorrow,today!.Thanks Elsie Gabriel  giving an opportunity for our team bloggers to attend and Review the event.

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The Event started of by lightened the lamp by  H.E. Consul General of South Africa .Pule Malefane and H.E. Consul general of Vietnam .Vu Son Thuy, Chairman of Travel council of India Jay Bhatia, Ahmer Shaikh of MTDC, Niranjan Hiranandani,Celebrity Mukesh Rishi, Actor Karan Goddwani, Elise Gabriel Founder Young Environmentalists,Diplomat from Belgium Ms.Pinkey Ahluwalia,Master chef Saranch Goila of Food Food and celebrity Arti Surendranath as well as Punish Sharma along with diplomatic members from Oman, Thailand, Reunion islands, Tourism board of Kenya, Clarence Fernandes-Rwanda Development Board,Co-Chairman Travel, Tourism/ Hospitality Committee-Indian Merchants’ Chamber, and a host of travel delegates from around the world with were present at  the event.Hotel management ,Travel and Tourism students,Travel and food bloggers,writers, media representatives and supporters also attended the event. Fore More Visit 

Diplomatic members from different countries presented videos and presentations about there Tourism.


The theme of this year’s world tourism day is tourism and community development.  Focusing on the ability of tourism to empower people and provide them with skills to achieve change in their local communities

sustainable-community-diagram_author_resizedThe theme underscores the potential of tourism   to promote          opportunities for           communities around     the world, as well as   the role that community  engagement has in  advancing sustainable  tourism development. As a sector representing 9% of global GDP one in 11 jobs worldwide key revenue sector for developing and emerging economies tourism is widely acknowledged for its capacity to respond to  global challenges. The consolidation of tourism’s economic influence has built up its social responsibility and political relevance, with a growing number of countries allocating a stronger mandate to tourism in economic and development policy   planning. Tourism, along with the multitude of changes it brings to host communities, is a key factor to consider when designing a sustainable community. Without proper planning, communities are often forced to become completely financially dependent on tourism. While tourism can alleviate poverty, people must always have a dependable source of income founded within their community or region. Sole dependence on a tourism economy is damaging to communities and can intensify social and environmental problems, making conditions worse than before the advent of tourism. The fate of many communities is typically up to greedy local jurisdictions and developers, with community members left out of the decision-making process. With improving their local economies as a top priority, governments and local municipalities   sometimes allow excessive physical development without first protecting their environment and people. Economic growth is  often an important step before social advances can be made, but it can also be detrimental without a framework for the protection of ecology and culture. While tourism provides income for local communities, enables positive tourist experiences, and promotes cultural exchange, it may also create economic and cultural hardships for local communities, and is rarely                   ecologically sensitive. For More Visit 

How Does Tourism Benefit Communities?

  1. Economic And Employment Benefits (Jobs!)
  2. Social Benefits
  3. Environmental Benefits

Tourism and community development is a nice theme , it can create a great change throughout the world. Every community has a role in tourism and every tourism has community with it.lets continue our tourism along with the development of the community

We hoping the coming days in our tourism sector get more achievements and growth.Be Connect and organize these kind of events all over world .

Themes of World Tourism Day over the years

More Images And videos of the events here.

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