World Tourism Day Celebrations 2014

 Young Environmentalists Programme trust and Meluha the Fern ecotel.

Guest Post By  Elsie Gabriel

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The event is by invitation only–

Agenda-Celebration of Tourism,travel and globe-trotting,food,culture and community! Together we can make it a better world for our community.

• Colourful presentations by leaders in the field of travel and tourism in various sectors.

• To foster awareness among the community for the importance of tourism and its academic-educational,social, sustainable, cultural, political and economic value.

• The event seeks to address challenges, And to highlight the contribution that the tourism sector can make in reaching these goals.

• Aim to ensure a continued dialogue between the public and private sectors.

• Going beyond the immediate impact of job creation and multiplying the tourism impact.

• Also a talk on Renewable options for water heating, air conditioning and electricity generation can cut hotel operating costs, advance sustainability while making them more appealing for tourists.

Followed by Lunch.

Theme for 2014:

world tourTourism and Community Development
This year’s World Tourism Day draws special attention to the role of tourism in
contributing to one of the building blocks of a more sustainable future for
all: Community development. The consolidation of tourism’s economic influence has built up its social responsibility. With the focus on the community, WTD 2014 highlights how tourism can be conducive to advancing sustainable development from the grassroots level. Community based tourism involves the local population in the decision
making process according to local priorities.
With this backdrop, the aim is to highlight the positive contributions of tourism routes to sustainable and responsible tourism, as well as the contribution of tourism to cultural
understanding and the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Bringing together experts from a diverse range of sectors we aim to identify the motivational factors behind the demand for tourism through this collaboration.

On the occasion of joining the global community in the celebration of World Tourism Day we invite you to attend.

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