What meets the EYE

“First impression is the last impression”

Truly said. But what exactly do you search for in that first impression? Now a days we humans are so drawn to the outer beauty, that nobody actually pays heed to what lies within. With products like fairness creams, chemicals that get rid of your freckles and acnes and obviously the “reduce your fat within 1 week” artefacts blinding the world today, I realise that there is no room left for us to actually inspect what lies within. What face lies behind that mask man made artifice?


Judging and liking a person on what you see or rather what he/she wants to show you is nothing but an illusion which is created by the person in front of you. We fall prey to such illusions on a daily basis. If the girl is fat and dark does it mean she isn’t worth knowing? If the boy isn’t wearing branded clothes, has perfect gelled up hair or has those (now trending )”8 pack abs” , does it mean you cannot fall in love with him?  It saddens me that we have lost the ideology of actually knowing a person. Of connecting intellectually and emotionally.

I do agree, looks matter, but shouldn’t they be a secondary contributing factor rather than the primary and the sole factor? We have lost the ethos of mankind and true love. Its time to acquire it back.