Interviewing Marie Marshall, the author of “From My Cold, Undead Hand”

Vampires! Release date 15 September 2014

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Release Date 15 September: A vampire fiction novel that will have you checking under your bed. Get your copy now – first 25 get an additional surprise. (They will have to check in the cupboard, too!)

Interview with a Vampire Hunter

Bookseeker Agency interviewed Marie Marshall, author of “From My Cold, Undead Hand”, about her youngest novel that is about to be released on 15 September 2014.


Why vampires? Tell us what brought this novel on.

What brought it on was an email from my trusty publisher, asking if I could write a teen-vampire novel. I took that as a request to write one on commission and just hurled myself into it.

There are many well-known writers of vampire stories, from Bram Stoker to Stephenie Meyer, so much so that it is a well-subscribed – some would say over-subscribed – niche of adult, teen, and graphic literature. What…

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