Leave us alone (from an arts student)

Yes we accept,

Our books are measly and thin.

They sometimes look frightened,

Sitting beside your mammoth sized books.

“What do you learn?”

“Are you not a good student?”

These questions are thrown like bricks,

At our faces every time we step out.

Sometimes baffled, sometimes confused,

We listen quietly while our inner strength disappears slowly,

To all your questions with a heavy heart.

We say we learn about life and its ways,

You scorn and ask, “Don’t we live?”

“Why should you spend your golden years for that?”

You say our reasons are not good enough,

You say we are sinners for we love to sloth.

For there are no complicated equations,

Or names that don’t fit in mouths,

In arts.

But we learn the history of mankind,

From where all the sciences began.

We learn the languages,

Without which no man can express his thoughts.

What about the books that you read?

Books that took you on a joy ride to a fantasy land.

So please don’t scorn or mock,

For we too are worth something, if not everything.

So just one request, fellow beings,

Leave us ALONE.