Today, however was a different day from my typical schedule and i had some time left for me. I turned on television and I skimmed through few channels and finally decided to turn it off. Then it was turn of my soul mate my dear computer .I started checking my mails, readings few good articles and so on..
The sudden knock on the door brought me back to this world. Making me perfect I opened the door-and found my immediate neighbour with a pleasing smile . She handed her keys to me and than left. With her every step I could hear the tinkling sound (cham-cham) of her anklets.

Sometimes sound plays a n important role in our life. Flooded with gamut of emotions and memories and some floating feelings I ventured to kitchen prepared a cup of tea and then with my pen and notebook to write down those wonderful surreal feelings and trying to touch those ephemeral faded memories which are far away from the stretched arms of mine and just those imagined effects passing through the corridors of mind. My consciousness as exhibited in fecundity started creating the tinkling sound to be romantic and exotic.That tinkling sound and its fullness in everything, made me to move down to those unforgettable magical moments and evoked his presence embodied of love, bliss,beauty.

I closed my eyes for a moment and took five to six deep breath in and out and all those hidden thoughts, memories of those wonderful spectrum of romance rises from the wave of my turbulent mind..My thoughts were taking slow dip to the ocean of my heart . The veil of mist which covered my heart with many old memories bottled tight and hidden behind the celestial mountain of time. Some memories are preserved like the press drying flowers kept in book. Those “Lavender scented” delicate memories treasured for eternity.

She was a young damsel just knocking the door of 18. With many dreams in her eyes and she was quite happy in her world with EnidBlyton,Agatha Christi,and of course Mills and Boons. Then she had an opportunity to visit her native with her parents.It was a constitute get together with cousins, relatives,and additions of all uncle and aunts and their little children added a vivid charm to her old house. It was just like a jumbo mela.Her elder aunt had a exclusive gift for her. She was gifted with a small red and golden lacquered box. She unfasten the tiny clasp. Her eyes were glittering in the rays of afternoon sun, streaming through the window.Her bright eyes had fixed on the silver anklets and she was longing to put them on her feet. The tinkling sound drew everyone attention.
That night a pre marriage get together was held. Singing and dancing with good foods. The elderly group were struggling hard to dance and even all the aunts struggled hard to dance straighten their wrinkle sarees. Every inch of their big hall was occupied by over flooded people. Every one was alert and had cure for their defiant sleepy moods. Merriment continued till dawn. Some where clse to the break of dawn every one felt asleep.

The harsh calling bell rang ………………and their was no one to open the door. All the soul were fast asleep. She heard the repeated harsh door bell. Her eyelids barely opened and she saw through her blurry vision . She then pushed a strand of hair from her face. and she was unable to get up still scampered on her feet and opened the door.

Her eldest uncle was out there and a young boy was peeping from his back.She bend down to touch her uncle’s feet and as she raised her face up the morning sun rays poked through the window touching her face.The young boy Neil keenly observed her face he got fascinated towards her. His heart got captive in her kohl spread eyes. She looked at him and then went back to her room. With her every step their was a tinkling sound and Neil’s eyes chased towards the footstep of her. He tried to know the direction where the sound disappeared.

Later in afternoon she came downstairs in the dinning room. The slow breeze made her draper move on her shoulder.She and her cousin snuggled into their favorite .corner. The lunch was a noisy affair with lot’s of people of different age group. Neil also later joined the younger group and he was actually wondering how to talk to her. The younger group caught up with latest fashion , cricket, clothes and so on. Neil’s eye only gaze on her. She would cast a secret glance at him when ever she could. Neil was tall thin and had cute dimples.Every one was busy talking only these two people were listening silently. When ever they laid their eyes on each other Neil’s cute dimple were out in full force and hi s luminous eyes sparkled on seeing her. Though she bargained on her smile. They looked at each other for a moment though the exchange was brief yet so powerful that their breath stopped…… she just blushed under his smoldering gaze and tried to keep away from him. Neil got captive in her eyes and her smile had bewitched him.
After the lunch Neil with his superhuman ability ti instill enough zen to get all the people around to huddle together for a family photograph . She made the sound of her anklet as her weapon to bring him towards her. And he made his innocent look as his weapon to steal her heart and pierce his presence in her soul.. He quickly stood beside her. Then before every one he introduced himself to her. The first meeting with shy introduction had forcedly hidden their intimate happiness.

The next morning it was raining heavily .The drops of rain brought freshness and the soft supple sound made a unclear music. She stood near the window with her hands stretched outside and the coldness of the cold wind started creeping on her arms. Her mind was dancing with the music of tiptip. She was in a mood of ecstasy. She went out and Neil followed her to the terrace. Neil tried to shelter himself from the rain but as the frosty droplets of water from the heaven fell on his face it brought a smile on his face. She was splashing the slosh of puddles under her feet and that made her dance with joy. Neil looked at her passion lay wrapped in the comfort of her innocence. The storm roared within him. As she turned around she saw Neil standing behind her. Neil looked at her eyes and the fragrance of her body drew him more closer. She tried to shield herself from his maddened gaze. Neil smiled at her innocence. Neil’s eye was fixed on her and he observed her glowing complexion enhanced with the bliss of rain. He saw the beautiful smile carved on her lips. Their was heavenly melody around and a deep silence between them. Neil moved closer to her and she could see a sparkled of mischief in his eyes . She slightly shivered and Neil slowly brought his mouth near her ears and whispered something and he pressed a piece of paper in her hand. . She smiled wider and ran away ad the sound of her anklet showed her excitement. She hold the piece of paper close to her bosom She turned back and tentatively glancing and smiling back at Neil.. The sweet fragrance of her body, the sound of the anklet and the shower of rain made Neil feel like the clock should cease there. That was the first letter from Neil. Some beautiful pearls which he strung as words on that silvery sheet.
Later in the evening party she looked ethereal in her dark blue salwar Kamez with a maroon draper on her shoulder. Her matching bangles added more beauty. Her eyes were searching Neil in crowd. She saw Neil he was in a black suit and he had chiseled look of Greek God The slow music and every one was dancing and accidentally they were in front of each other. Neil looked at her with such a blazing heat that she nearly wilted in the intensity of his gaze. Due to nervousness she nearly twisted her ankle and was nearly to fall down. Neil like a super hero held her in his arm. The hazel eye beauty stared right back at him. It seem as if the two where caught in a time wrap, where the world ceased to exit .The harsh voice of uncle broke the spellbinding. Uncle turned to look at her and with winked eye he tried to gauge her reaction. She shivered and with sardonic smile hovering in her lips she abruptly turned and beckoned him. Neil closed his eyes and the tinkling sound of her anklet appeared to be a veritable heaven of tranquility.Neil gasped with pleasure and the air whispered serenity in his world. She understood that the young man threatened her peace of mind if not sanity.
Later that night in the dining room,under the candle light table it created a moving shadows on the wall. The ambiance of the hall was very beautiful. She sat with her cousin and could scene his presence their. Neil came and sat before her Neil brown eye stare unnerved her. Their was loud sound around them.,but two of them ate silently , stealing glance at each other behind the steady intent look of uncle. Their finger touched accidentally when they passed the dishes. The clink of cutlery on the plates echoed with the sound of their beating unrest hearts
The next morning after the breakfast it was time for her and her family to leave.She tried hard to dismiss her growing attraction for Neil. but was loosing battle. And on the other side Neil felt a searing ache when he realized that she will leave . She hugged all her cousins and among the crowd by stealing everyone’s eye their finger touched intentionally and their was a mute conversation accompanied with soft smile. Though they didn’t have the opportunity to travel through the journey of life together. The profound feeling that they shared was not only a feeling it was more than that. She had some stain of some dried tears which have dropped silently.