You started a professional blog, now what?

So, your blog finally went live and writing has now become one of you roles. You are all day thinking what to write about, how to make your blog more interesting, how to have millions of readers.

Well, this is like if you create the most revolutionary product on earth and you want to sell it: you need to promote it. For this product you might run an advert on TV, but for your blog all you need to do is spread the news on Social Media. If you are using your blog to promote yourself as a professional (you might be self-employed or looking for companies to hire your services), you need to set up professional accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (maybe also in Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. but if you are not a pro, keep it small for now). Use your existing personal ones and give them a professional twist or create new ones, it’s up to you. In all of these accounts, make sure your profiles say who you are, what you do, how to contact you and a link to your baby blog.

How to use these Social Networks in a professional way? You can no longer post really personal stuff on them (for example, I would definitely create a new Facebook page or profile and leave my personal one just for my personal stories and pictures), neither you can post whenever you want or even forget about posting. Managing few social Networks can be chaotic and time-consuming, but you can use software to do the hard work for you.


One of the most popular ones is HootSuite, and also Buffer has quite a big name. Use these tools to post on your Social Networks, schedule the posts so that with 5 minutes a day you are covering all your online presence during the whole day or longer (you can ever use Autoschedule so that posts are spread automatically during the day at the best posting times for each network!), check out updates for all your networks and share all that content in one or few of your networks (i.e. share on Facebook and interesting tweet from someone you are following without having to log in Twitter and Facebook), and you can even set up RSS feeds from Websites and sources you are interested in reading and sharing their content, like with HootSuite Syndicator.

You can’t use Social Media only to promote yourself and your blog. It is said that only 20% of what you share should be about this. If you use tools as the HootSuite Syndicator, you can have all the external content in the same place and share it in one or all of your networks at the same time. If you are a musician, a translator, a plumber, an actor… you can look for websites that publish about your field and then share this with your audience.

Talking about audience, a main and ongoing activity you have to undertake even before starting sharing your blog, is to connect with everyone related to your industry in each of your Social Networks. So, a good thing to do too is follow on Twitter everyone related to acting, if you are an actor. An easy way of doing this on HootSuite is setting up Streams for the # Hashtags related to you sector (#acting, in our example).


This is a guest post by Jessica Wight, copywriter at GoLocalise, a voice over agency in London