It does make a difference

In a country like India, poverty is easy to find. No doubt, its a great country which is still developing . But  poverty is like a slow disease. Sometimes you might not even notice it.

Recently, I experienced something which disturbed me highly. The place where I was staying for a few days had a slum area nearby. During an evening walk, I noticed a few kids playing on the pavement. It was a hot day and even the evening breeze did nothing to lower the temperature. They were sweating and were dressed in rags.  I looked around and found an ice-cream cart on the opposite pavement. I called the man and asked him to give me ice creams for those children . I paid him and approached those kids. They were scared at first but then were delighted at the sight of ice-cream in my hands.

They happily thanked me and I stayed with them for a while till they relished their treat and then I bid them goodnight. On my way back, I felt a pang of guilt.  I gave them a treat today, but does that change anything? They are still poor, without a proper home and education. What difference did I make?

Having shared this incident with  a wise friend of mine, he said, “You did make a difference. People like us take ice-creams for granted. But for them , it is a big deal. You made them happy. It does make a difference. No matter how small the effort was, it made a difference.”

Thats when I realised,  you do your part. Small or big . It will always make a difference.