Modern families

If one of your late ancestors were to come back from the dead and join you for dinner,what things about your family would this person find the most shocking?

If I were to choose a generation of my grandparents, there would shorely be a lot shocking I doubt this  very forefathers would survive the electrocution of the shock waves. For starters, my father’s dad died way before I was even a year old. All I know of him is infact what I have been told as tales of my father’s childhood. I know during his life he was the only man in the village among his peers who had a suite ,also that, neighbours who wished to take a trip to town to run administrative errants borrowed the suite on account of not having any descent clothing.

My father was born in the early 50’s so I can’t really say this is that far back! Its just how remote his village was and the fact that our country was a third world. He was a major means and thus the elite of his area. He was a livestock farmer and also grew most of the families grains and veggies. He sent my father off to school for him to learn how to read and write and for nothing more or less. It was always a job for my father to explain why again he needed to go to school every new year to persue his studies while he obviously now knew how to read. What man chose to run after books like a rat while he could be tending to the family’s wealth and increasing it? This was a puzzle to grandpa.

He thus did not educate any of my aunts. Not because he loved them any less but because the rule of the day dictated female children were best suited in the home as extra helps for their homes. In my father’s home, where he and his siblings grew, there if a different architecture from the one I grew up in’ where my parents build their life.

The left side of the hurt is dedicated for females and the right for males respectively. So, there would be another seizure if both the sexes sat around the table and enjoyed a meal together. I won’t mention what would happen if he saw us seated on chairs which had always been interpreted as a sign of lacking show of respect for the elders. Or the mere use of a spoon for eating while God gave us two perfect hands with which to eat with! I can’t for the life of me, imagine what he would say if he saw us girls dished eggs, tripe or any animals head = abomination!

The dishes of his time were very limited: ‘Umqhusho‘ samp, pap, or bread as the cabs with which to take other accompaniments either veggies like moroho ( leafy greens), pumpkin, peas and beans and or meat. The fancy or foreign stuff we cook up, would surely push him too a hunger stike. I am told he was a rather picky guy for his time and class.


He would complain of the pap of how too refined it was hence did not stay long in the stomach and how little servings we dished out. But I do also think he would have loved the cakes, biscuits, tea and coffee. He did have an insatiable sweet tooth.