Who AM I ? ( mysterious question )

i’m a girl and precisely a young lady , i have 20 years old , i’m brunette , not too tall and not short , not fat , i have a normal weight  and a curvy body . ok that ‘s me . but who really i am ?
I’m crazy ,wise, shy , wild , complicated , simple ,clear and mysterious girl, oh yeah I’m contradictory person , after all I’m a Gemini
you might think that u know me or know your self ,but that’s not the truth , have you ever thought to start a conversation with your self and ask this question ” who am i ?”
actually , this is the easiest question in the world but at the same time it’s the most difficult  to answer . so many people could answer it with a shallow words but the real answer have a real deep meaning which is hard to find . In my opinion , i think that the real answer for that question is :  i don’t know …yeah sure i know who i am now but i can’t know who am i in the future ? that ‘s mean that i can only partially answer that i know who i am but  totally i don’t know who i am ?
i know my self in this moment but i can’t know how am i gonna be in the future ? in the next month ? or even in the next day ? because i don’t know which up coming events that gonna affect me,  change me, that gonna show me another aspect of who i am ,no one know how life is gonna change ,maybe you’ll get happy news , a bad ones , a shock or a disappointment , that’s all can change us .
we can’t say who we are ? and i can’t say who i am ? because every day ,every hour and every single moment of my life , i keep finding a new me , another me that i have never met  before , of course we change but only partially because there are somethings that gonna stay stable in our selves …that’s what i like to call the essence of soul .
we are all human beings , we laugh , we cry , we succeed , we fail , we raise , we fall but most of all we learn new things about ourselves every day , we learn the life lessons , we redefine who we are like a way of adaptation with the changeable chaotic  circumstances of life , and that ‘s what makes life a better sweet symphony .