the story of us

i had no idea who are u before u sent me an invitation
you are a totally pure complication
we start as friends, than lovers , than something bad
that’s made me sad and even more mad
i used to call you my soulmate , i have no idea why
you told me it’s not true ,so i guess it’s a lie
i feel totally free around you  , and u didn’t feel the same
sometimes you show me your self , sometimes you  show me pain
i’m strong person but you were stronger than me every time
you  made me cry , not once , not twice but several times
I’ve hurt you  but only after you  hurt me first
you make me feel better ,you  make me feel worse
your words are good but sometimes are pain
you keep driving me mad , you  keep making me insane
the darkness and the goodness of your soul are genuine and pure
to me , you are my poison , you are my cure
i hate the fact that i love you
and i hate even more the fact that i can’t be with you
we keep fighting over and over again
it’s like my twisted painful crazy sin
you’ve loved me but that’s not enough for me
i needed to see it in the way you treating me
you  made me weak and i steped on my pride just for you
but now i’m strong much more thanks to you
you can say what the hell am i talking about
i’m gonna answer that i needed to let all these things out
we were a beautiful broken sour harmony
we were a bitter sweet symphony
i wish you a happy life, i wish you the best
good luck to you on your journey weither it gonna take you east or west .