Step Up

In today’s world, with politics and corruption and so much going on, we humans just sit back and complain. Sure, it’s not like we can single handedly change the world.

But then there are certain people , who we like to call “Heroes” . They are the ones we follow. And when I say follow, I mean follow on twitter, post articles about their heroic deeds, share their stories on Facebook and make them our ideals. It’s not a bad thing. But it just hit me that maybe we should do more than just that. We need to Step Up. Take a stand. Not in a big way that we might end up in jail for disturbing the peace of the society but to take a stand for at least the small things which are in our control.


The environment and nature is something we can take care of. Stop deforesting. Step up for the rights of animals. Take a stand for woman empowerment. Respecting our woman and elders. Preserve our history and cultural heritage. These small deeds may go unnoticed by the world but the satisfaction it will give your heart is worth it.

Step up and make a small difference. Its not the quantity but the quality of the deed.